Apply for a mini loan without a job.

Do you want to apply for a mini loan without a job? Take out a mini loan with a guarantee and you can still get a mini loan without work or a bank statement.

Are you out of work now? You may think: how can I get a loan? The answer is that you can also get a mini loan without a job. When you go to a bank, they ask if you have income when you apply for a loan. That in itself is understandable because a bank wants certainty. But what if you don’t have a job? Does this mean that you cannot provide security? The fact is that you can do this by borrowing with a guarantee: you have to get someone in your area to guarantee your loan.

Now temporarily no interest lost when applying for a mini loan without a job

Now temporarily no interest lost when applying for a mini loan without a job

There is now a very good deal to make if you apply for a mini loan without a job: you do not lose interest costs. This means that a mini loan for people who are temporarily out of work has become cheaper. Normally you pay a lot of interest for a loan at your bank: sometimes between 5% and 15%. If you borrow 1000 USD, it costs you at a bank between 50 and 150 USD. With a mini loan with guarantee, this costs 0 euro interest. That saves you money again.

Choose the amount of the mini loan yourself

Choose the amount of the mini loan yourself

Whether you want to receive $ 50 or $ 1000 USD, any amount in between is possible. $ 400 for the rent, $ 200 for the telephone bill or $ 900 for a stack of bills: you can indicate how much you want to borrow. You can borrow up to a maximum of $ 1000 on your own. If you want to borrow more, ask if a good friend of yours also takes out a mini loan for you. This way you can borrow up to $ 2000 together.

Applying for a mini loan without a job is safe

You can only apply for a mini loan from credit providers who are supervised by the Dutch government organization AFM. The AFM checks whether the online loan providers comply with the law. This means you run less risk than if you just borrow money from a private individual.

A mini loan with guarantee has many names, but is actually the same

A mini loan with guarantee has many names, but is actually the same

The mini loan without guarantee is also known under other names; mini loan without payslip, mini loan without BKR or paperwork or documents. This mini loan is specially made for situations where you are not waiting for unnecessary hassle with documents and papers. There are just situations where you have to act quickly and you don’t feel like fussing which takes too much time.

Loans for banking bans

“Banking prohibited” persons are natural persons who have issued a bounced check refused by a Cream Bank . That is to say a check exceeding the amount available on his account. In Switzerland, banking bans do not exist because quite simply, checks do not exist.

When a case like this occurs, the debtor / client receives a warning from the bank asking him to pay the missing sum into his account within 7 days, so that the check issued becomes valid, under penalty of becoming prohibited banking.

The customer must then pay the amount necessary to honor the check, and not be noted as “banking prohibited” in the Cream Bank file.


What consequences for a client who becomes banned from banking:

debt problem

Although the name of prohibited banking can be scary, rest assured all the same, it generally concerns in France only the issuing of checks. However, this has more painful consequences, for example:

  • Be filed at the central Cream Bank
  • Withdrawal of all your checkbooks
  • Prohibition to issue checks for a maximum duration of 5 years (on all bank accounts, from any Cream Bank )
  • Fees billed by the bank take back your payment and credit cards
  • You can no longer obtain private credit in Switzerland for example, since your extract from the Cream Bank is not “blank”


How to get out of this kind of situation?

How to get out of this kind of situation?

The best solution is to pay the amount of the rejected check as quickly as possible, if possible at least within 7 days.

Your banker will then have 2 days to inform the Cream Bank . This will remove your negative entry in the central check file. If you were unable to do so on time, and it is too late, and if the registration has already been noted in the central file of the Cream Bank  then you should contact your bank as soon as possible.
A more complicated discussion will follow, in order to negotiate individually with the bank which “announced” the case to withdraw it, once you have been able to update your account “up to date”.


Is it possible to obtain a loan in Switzerland with a banking ban?

loan problem

If you hold a G permit, the bank ban annotation prevents you from obtaining private credit. You will first need to modify your registration with the Cream Bank , as mentioned above.

However, each case is unique and includes its particularities.

In Switzerland when a cross-border worker needs a personal loan, the list of documents requested is different than for “classic” customers. Among other things, we ask:

  • A copy of Permit G
  • A copy of the salary sheets
  • A copy of an EDF or telephone invoice, to justify your address.
  • A copy of the accounts in France, but also of your bank accounts in Switzerland
  • A copy of the Cream Bank , for the famous “non-prohibited banking”

More info on private credits for G permits here in our dedicated article.

Borrowing money in Germany Borrowing abroad

Borrowing money from our eastern neighbors can in many cases be a lot cheaper than taking out an average loan with a bank or lender in the Netherlands. Especially taking out a mortgage in Germany is much cheaper than the Netherlands. In Germany, borrowing with a BKR registration is still possible, because some banks fail to check whether you are BKR listed. This gives the German banks a lot of extra hassle, which they prefer not to have.

Maximum borrowing in Germany

Maximum borrowing in Germany

In all cases, German banks lend you only 80% of your maximum loan, because in Germany it is assumed that in the event that you take out a loan you are able to pay the remaining 20% ​​of the loan amount yourself. The idea behind this is that the banks are less at risk if the repayment can no longer be paid for certain reasons. If there is nothing more to get from you, the bank will no longer be able to recover its money, which means that the bank will suffer large losses. If the bank only takes out loans with people who are financially profitable, the bank is much more likely to pay off. Banks in Germany will also request information about your income, although this should not cause any problems because the minimum income in Germany is lower.

The German banks have no revolving credit, but only work with a personal loan. A personal loan is a loan in which you know in advance how much interest you have to pay, how much you have to pay per month and when the repayment takes place.

Borrow money now in Germany

Borrow money now in Germany

If you borrow in Germany, you therefore borrow a maximum of 80% of your maximum loan. But that does not have to be a problem for you as a Dutchman, because 80% is also a lot of money. Borrowing in Germany can be done online at many modern banks. It is then a matter of downloading an application form or completing it online and sending it back to the bank in question. You will then receive a loan proposal containing the loan amount and loan contract. If you agree with this, you will receive the loan amount in no time after submitting your account details (including your IBAN and BIC code)!